Coriolis  (2006, rev.2012) – for string orchestra   Duration: 5 min.    score
Dedicated to Jennifer Butler and Michael Begg

Museum Pieces  (2012) – a collection of solo pieces for various instruments (to be played concurrently)   Duration: variable    full set
Commissioned by the British Columbia Registered Music Teachers’ Association
Premiered at Canada Music Week, November 18, 2012
    Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2 – for solo cello (or viola)  (from the 1912 Marcel Duchamp painting)
    Portrait d’Ambroise Vollard – for solo violin  (from a 1910 Pablo Picasso painting)

Grace  (2009) – for string ensemble   Duration: variable
Commissioned and premiered by Ensemble Mujirushi in Ghent, Belgium, November 18, 2009
Dedicated to Ensemble Mujirushi

Foucault’s Pendulum  (2007) – for string octet   Duration: 13 min.     score
Premiered at the St. Paul’s Labyrinth January 26, 2007

Teleidoscope  (2007) – for string quartet & piano   Duration: 6 min.  score
Premiered by the Calgary Sax Quartet February 7, 2008
Originally written for mixed chamber ensemble
Dedicated to Jim and Donna Crook

Rhomboid  (2005) – for string quartet   Duration: 5.5 min.
Premiered at St. Thomas’s Anglican Church, Toronto, ON, January 28, 2006

Aurora  (2004) – for string orchestra with perc.    Duration: 9 min.     score
Premiered by  Vancouver Symphony, Alain Trudel, conductor –  January 21, 2005
Dedicated to Chloe Norton
* Aurora was selected to be performed at the International Society of Contemporary Music Festival in Miami, Florida
* Aurora was the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s official entry at the UNESCO International Music Council’s International Rostrum of Composers in Lisbon, Portugal

Spiral  (2003) – for string orchestra   Duration: 6 min.

Black – from Synchronicities #1  (1998) – for cello or double bass   Duration: 5 min.     score
Premiered by Andrew Miller, double bass September 17, 1998

submerge  (1997) – for violin, viola, cello   Duration: 4 min.     score     parts
Premiered by the Melange Ensemble December 3, 2006