Woodwind & Brass


Museum Pieces  (2012) – a collection of solo pieces for various instruments (to be played concurrently)   Duration: variable    full set
Commissioned by the British Columbia Registered Music Teachers’ Association
Premiered at Canada Music Week, November 18, 2012
    C and O – for solo flute  (from a 1958 Franz Kline painting)

Emergent Behaviour (2009) – for multiple flutes   Duration: 8 min.    score
Commissioned and premiered by the Flexible Orchestra, October 16, 2009
Dedicated to David Lang

Hive (2008) – for 10 flutes   Duration: 6 min.    score
Premiered by the Tempest Flute Ensemble March 14, 2008

Tides (2006) – for wind quintet   Duration: 10 min.    score    parts
Commissioned by the Redshift Music Society for the Ad Mare Wind Quintet
Premiered by the Ad Mare Wind Quintet at the Vancouver Art Gallery March 7, 2006
Dedicated to Thomas and Leola Nobles

Watermap (2005) – for 10 flutes   Duration: 14 min.     score      iTunes
Premiered by the Tempest Flute Ensemble October 29, 2005
Dedicated to Mark McGregor
* Released on the CD “Different Stones” CD by Mark McGregor, flute which was nominated for “Classical Recording of the Year” by the 2010 Western Canadian Music Awards) 

downstream (2000) – for piano and clarinet   Duration: 8 min.       score
Premiered by Duo Alea Washington, USA September, 2003
Dedicated to Joan Nobles

Ruby – from Synchronicities #1 (1997) – for clarinet   Duration: 5 min.    score
Premiered at the Sonic Boom Festival April 17, 1998

Edges (1997) – for saxophone quartet  Duration: 5.5 min.   score
Premiered by the Pachyderm Saxophone Quartet September 13, 1997
Dedicated to Zeke & Nicki

0-G (1995) – for any solo wind instrument    score


Plate Tectonics  (2009) – for trombone ensemble   Duration: 8 min.    score
Premiered by the Slide Rule Trombone Choir, January 7, 2010
Dedicated to Jeremy Berkman

Gravity  (2008) – for brass ensemble   Duration: 8 min.
Commissioned by The Redshift Music Society
Premiered by the Touch of Brass Ensemble March 8, 2008
Dedicated to Colin and Andrea MacDonald 

Jade – from Synchronicities #1  (2000) – for french horn   Duration: 5 min.    score
Premiered at Sound Symposium by Motion Ensemble July 9, 2000