Choral and Voice

Museum Pieces  (2012) – a collection of solo pieces for various instruments (to be played concurrently)   Duration: variable    full set
Commissioned by the British Columbia Registered Music Teachers’ Association
Premiered at Canada Music Week, November 18, 2012
    Number 4 (Gray and Red) – for voice with piano (from a 1948 Jackson Pollock painting)

æther  (2011) – for treble choir   Duration: variable   score
Premiered by The Lorelei Ensemble, Beth Willer, director, October 2012
Dedicated to Kelly Nobles
Video Performance: Cantabile Chamber Singers
* The Lorelei Ensemble of Cambridge, Massachusetts chose æther as the winner of their International Call for Scores (October 2012)
* Released on the album Rosetta Stone, multitracked by Kelly Nobles
* A version for large choir and ensemble was also created which was premiered by the Vancouver Bach Choir and the Vertical Orchestra, conducted by Leslie Dala.

Lux Antiqua  (2011) – for choir (SATB)   Duration: 5 min.     score SSAATB   SMATRB
Premiered by The Esoterics, Eric Banks, conductor, October 1, 2011
Dedicated to Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan
Video Performances: Narodowe Forum Muzyki, Vancouver Bach Choir
* Lux Antiqua has won the International SACRA/PROFANA Composition Competition 2013
* Lux Antiqua has been chosen for performance at the International Society for Contemporary Music’s World Music Days in Wrocław, Poland in October 2014.
* Lux Antiqua was the work commissioned from Jordan after he was named the International Winner of the Polyphonos Composition Competition (Seattle 2011).

Lorem Ipsum  (2011) – for choir (SATB)   Duration: 5 min.     score
Premiered by the C4 Ensemble, Karen Siegel, conductor, March 3, 2011
Dedicated to Andy and Danae McKay
* Commissioned by the C4: The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective, with the assistance of the David and Minnie Berk Foundation and the Yale School of Music alumniVentures Fund (New York 2011)

Still Life  (2006) – for choir (SSAATTBB)   Duration: 5 min.     score
Premiered by the Vancouver Bach Choir, Bruce Pullan, conductor, May 31, 2008
Dedicated to Marci Rabe
* Still Life was performed by over 600 singers at the Mass Participatory Musicking Festival in Hong Kong in July 2011
* Still Life has been chosen to represent Canada at the ISCM’s 2009 World Music Days in Sweden
* Still Life was awarded first prize in the Vancouver Bach Choir’s National Choir Music Competition (Vancouver 2008)

It was a huge success…The audience was in a trance and we got a standing ovation in the middle of the concert!!!!   Michael Zaugg, conductor Choeur Saint-Laurent,  Montréal, QC

The jury thought collectively that it was an extremely well crafted piece. Perfect for a large choir. A really convincing concept, a simple concept but a convincing one. The counterpoint and harmonic progressions were really beautiful and well worked out.  Stephen Chatman, Adjudicator, West Vancouver, BC

Tombeau d’Ann Southam  (2010) – for choir, piano (or harp) and string orchestra   Duration: 7 min.     score
Commissioned and premiered by the Vancouver Cantata Singers, Eric Hannan, conductor, February 26, 2011
Dedicated to Ann Southam

Coriolis  (2006) – for choir in twelve parts (SSSAAATTTBBB)   Duration: 5 min.   score
Premiered by musica intima vocal ensemble September 29, 2006
Dedicated to Jennifer Butler and Michael Begg
Video Performances: musica intima, Kammerchor Consono, musica intima
* Coriolis has been released on CD by the Kammerchor Consono, conducted by Harald Jers Spotify

after…  (1998) – for choir (SSAATTBB)   Duration: 5.5 min.     score
Premiered by the Vancouver Chamber Choir, conducted by Jon Washburn September 25, 1998

…an experience of profound emotion.    Kitchener Waterloo Record, Kitchener, ON

after… was a beauty. The singers re-formed in a long straight line and intoned a wordless drift of sounds that was like ionization, or the pitches of a solar wind.    Vancouver Sun, Vancouver, BC

The other highlight of the night was somewhat of a surprise. after… by Jordan Nobles was a text-less piece that showed, seemingly, an electroacoustic approach to choral writing. The audience, surprisingly, enjoyed it, with many puzzled then delighted faces, since it is far from the usual choral repertoire.  The Peak, Burnaby, BC

Lux Aeterna  (2009) – for choir (SSAATTBB)   Duration: 5 min.     score
Premiered by the Vancouver Cantata Singers, conducted by Eric Hannan February 13, 2009
Dedicated to Kelly Nobles

Stasis  (2009) – for choir with handbells   Duration: varies 5-10 minutes      score
Premiered by the Vancouver Cantata Singers, conducted by Eric Hannan February 13, 2009