Lagrange Point Project

Redshift Music’s Lagrange Point Project

To coincide with the Lagrange Point album release, Redshift Music announces the digital media online installation Lagrange Point Project23 isolation videos to be played simultaneously, in any order, in any number.

The interactive webpage allows the listener to play multiple videos at once, creating your own unique aural experience. As the listener, you can tailor the open instrumentation of Jordan Nobles’ Lagrange Point to your exact artistic tastes. Give it a try!

Lagrange Point Project


Mark Takeshi McGregor flute, alto flute; Geronimo Mendoza oboe, english horn; Liam Hockley clarinet, bass clarinet; Katelin Coleman bassoon; Colin MacDonald alto saxophone; Dorothea Hayley soprano; Julia Chien glockenspiel; Martin Fisk vibraphone; Katie Rife marimba; Janelle Nadeau harp; Danielle Marcinek piano; Adrian Verdejo classical and acoustic guitars; Saina Khaledi, santour; Dailin Hsieh zheng; Nicole Ge Li erhu; Parmela Attariwala violin; Sarah Kwok viola; Alasdair Money cello; Mark Haney doublebass.

Site Design: Katie Rife